1. Please make sure you notify your local Animal Control Officer, since Massachusetts ACOs now have the ability to create a state-wide "SABER" alert, akin to the human "AMBER" alerts. These are sent to ACOs state-wide so that many eyes can be on the lookout for your pet, or so that details about an animal you may have found is widely distributed.

    List of Massachusetts Animal Control Phone Numbers and Officers
    Send any ACO modifications/additions to masslostpet@gmail.com

  2. Please send an email to masslostpet@gmail.com with details and a photo or two of the lost or found pet. Your listing will be posted on this website:


    ...with a link to the location where a lost pet was last seen, or the location where a pet was found on the "Massachusetts Misssing Pet Network" Google Map.

In both cases above, please send the following information:

  • Whether you are reporting a lost pet or a found pet
  • Exact location where the pet was lost or found
  • Date when the pet was lost or found
  • Breed of pet
  • The type and ID number of an implanted recovery microchip, if applicable
  • Name of the pet, if known
  • Description and distinguishing marks
  • A few photos showing different aspects of the pet, if possible
  • Your contact information

This site has some other good tips for finding lost pets:


Good luck with your search!

Wendy Roberts
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