White Bichon Frise Missing from Cuttyhunk Island Area


Last seen on Tuesday August 11, 2015 near Cuttyhunk Island, MA.

Dexter is a white Bichon Frise dog, approx. 3 yrs old with black/orange collar and rabies tag from Warwick RI. He fell from a sailboat somewhere off the coast of Cuttyhunk Island (MA). Tides could have taken him to an alternate shore or the mainland. Very timid dog but loves children, doesn't bite or bark (typically).

Microchip no. FDX-A 0A02030113.

If you think you've seen this pet, please

    call 508-399-1433 or 08-399-1432


    email Alicia.Eshleman@fmr.com

Thank you!

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