Blue Nose Pitbull Found in South Dartmouth


Found on Sunday June 21, 2015 at Dartmouth St., South Dartmouth (bordering New Bedford), MA.

Very friendly Blue Nose Pitbull was found wandering in the road by Dartmouth Gas and Dunkin Donuts. He had no collar or tags. White marking on chest, otherwise solid blue. He is not neutered. He was almost hit by several cars, so I put him in my car and called animal control. Animal control was closed and I was instructed by Dartmouth Police to transport the dog to Branis Kennels in Freetown, and that animal control would pick him up today 6/22 and bring him to a local shelter.

No aggression. Dog appears to be well fed. The only thing that was amiss was the lack of collar and neutering. He was very sweet.

If you think you recognize this pet, please

    call Dartmouth Animal Control at 508-910-1840 or The Humane Society & Shelter - South Coast at 508-995-6661

Thank you!

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