English Bulldog-type Dog Found in Princeton


Found on Saturday September 16, 2017 at Mirick Road, Princeton, MA.

This large tan and white English Bulldog type dog was found, in a drainage ditch, near the cemetery, on Merick Road in Princeton MA. It was a little grumpy when we found it and had to get it out of the ditch, but seemed calm when I brought it into the pound. When we found it it had a brown collar and a maroon leash, but does not have any identification tags, it did have a unique tag attached to its collar. I have posted the unique tag among the pictures. It does have a microchip, so I am following up with the chip companies. The chip is registered so I left a message on the number the company gave me.

If you think you recognize this pet, please

    call Rutland Regional ACO at 508-886-4033

You will need to bring a copy of the dog's current rabies certificate and a copy of the current license when you come to pick up your dog.

Thank you!

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