DLH Tabby Cat Missing in Watertown


Last seen on Monday July 4, 2016 at Riverside St./Ladd St., Watertown Square, MA.

Squid is a 4-year-old indoor, fluffy tabby cat that may be mistaken for a Maine Coon cat. He has a white belly and white socks as well as black dots on his nose. He is super friendly but has never been outdoors and is scared of loud noises like the fireworks people are shooting off in the neighborhood. If you see him try crouching down and putting out your hands to pet him- he normally will come to this. He is also responsive to relatively high pitched beep boop noises.

If you think you've seen this pet, please

    call 781-929-6890


    email corielizabethspeaking@gmail.com

Thank you!

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